Dough conveying

Due to the special design of Forbo’s Frayfree belts, the polyester filaments (FES) keep the fraying of the raw edges created when the belts were cut width-wise to a minimum. In addition, this prevents the fluff that could contaminate the products during the production process at end user's facility.

Owing to a special type of fabric, a special weave and edges finished with a beamfilament, the conveyor belts can be used without the need for additionally finishing the unsealed edges.  The wide range of various conveyor belts is fully compliant with the high standards of the food industry and suitable for many applications.

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Confectionery Industry

Sticky and greasy products such as chocolate of all types, or sticky candy, primarily require special top-face coatings or surface patterns in order to ensure uninterrupted production.

We offer a versatile product portfolio that meets all of the technical requirements and expectations placed by end users.


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Meat, Poultry, Fish and Seafood Processing

Hygiene and efficient and easy maintenance have top priority when processing meat, fish and seafood. 

All Forbo conveyor belts for this industry boast superior quality; regardless of whether they are essentially standard conveyor belts with PES tension members and finished with various coverings or modular belts that can be joined at will.  All belts meet the criteria of technical requirements in terms of easy cleaning and providing good resistance to standard cleaning agents allowed for use in this particular industry. Conveyor belts are also resistant to oil and grease.

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Dairy Industry

Producing and processing milk and dairy products like cheese or butter is carried out under very stringent production conditions. In products with high water content or products where bacteria or mould cultures are prevalent, we determine which Forbo Siegling belts are the most appropriate.

In addition to standard conveyor belts, we also offer plastic modular belts from our in-house production which is an advantage when it is necessary to adjust to the technical requirements of users. Conveyor belts with sealed belt edges (Fullseal belts) cut the risk of product contamination and increase service lives of conveyor belts.


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Robust conveyor belts from the Siegling Transilon or Siegling Prolink product ranges are excellent choices for the agricultural and processing industry. Steps like washing, juicing and drying require belts with good drainage and superior stability.

Additional solutions designed to please the most demanding of customers are provided by Siegling Prolink modular belts with various drainage level options (for filtering: Mesh Belts).Different mesh sizes with up to 60 % permeability are ideal for cleaning, drying, filtering and cooling. The meshes can be supplied in different versions, for example with reinforced belt edges, with fibre-glass or Kevlar-fabric, with tracking- and lateral-profiles.


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Wrapping and Packaging

In the packaging industry, the end stage of traditional food processing also entails the segment of packaging production and product wrapping and packaging.  We supply conveyor belts that are part of packaging machinery, protection systems, check-weighers and robots.

TRANSILON conveyor belts offer state-of-the-art solutions and can handle a wide array of applications and safety requirements in the work flow. We can also supply conveyor belts with superior grip characteristics of the conveyor surface, which are used for inclined conveying. Moreover, conveyor belts with good light permeability for scanner systems, or belts with tapes for check-weighers are available as well.


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Our solutions for the food industry

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