Power transmission belts under the brand EXTREMULTUS, with a worldwide reputation, are manufactured at different locations, most of them in Wallbach, Switzerland.

There, the belts are manufactured in rolls which are later used to assemble the end products. Some belts (especially those with additional finishings such as extra coatings, i.e. Linatex, Silomer etc.) are manufactured in the Netherlands.

The range of power transmission belts under the brand EXTREMULTUS also comprises so-called truly endless power transmission belts that are made in Dragomlje, Slovenia (production site of SG TRAKOVI d.o.o.).  The belts from this facility are made seamless.

Endlose EXTREMULTUS-Riemen

They can be used at belt speeds that exceed 100 m/s. They offer particularly high efficiency of over 98%.

Siegling Extremultus belts can transmit up to 1850 kW. They are durable, elastic, vibration- and shock-absorbent. 

Some manufacturers of industrial equipment replaced their standard V-belts with flat power transmission belts based on the substantial savings in terms of electric power consumption arising from calculations and practical operation.

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