EXTREMULTUS 81 power transmission belts and the environment

Environmental care, using water for generating electric power, and facilitating fish migration, all wrapped into one compact system – a winning formula with our completely new hydrodynamic screw.

The company HYDROCONNECT GmbH opens up new environmental and economic perspectives.

HYDROCONNECT GmbH, Austria, developed a system that enables fish migrations in hydroelectric power plants.

The core of the system is the hydrodynamic screw. The rotating drum is mounted outside of the water with EXTREMULTUS flat belts manufactured by Slovenia-based company SG TRAKOVI d.o.o.

We came up with the winning formula:
New hydrodynamic screw + EXTREMULTUS 81

The water running through the outside screw of the tube enables the rotation and drives the generator. The tube rotation has a double effect:

  1. Fish conveyor screw – LIFT;
  2. Generating electric power that can be harnessed (sawmill) or fed back into the main grid.

The fish are able to migrate through the conveyor tube completely safely and do not get injured in the process. The structure turns like a single solid unit at a relatively slow rate which in practice means 20 revolutions per minute.

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