Power transmission belts and banknote testing systems

81 power transmission belts are not only used for heavy-duty transmission but also for the toughest transmission or conveyance types.


UU = coating of polyurethane on both faces of the belt
Urethane coating is suitable for all standard-type drives and special applications.

Our UU 10E belts have been installed for years in banknote testing devices that are used to check the quality of banknotes. In this particular application, its special demands require from us that we tackle the belt manufacture with 200 % commitment to quality and not just 100 % commitment.

These devices are fitted in bank safes which have a special regime of entries and control in place. Every spare part replacement in the system requires prior approval and planning procedures, thus the products need to be high quality to avoid complaints and re-fittings as these can cause substantial costs for the end user.

The fine coatings of the substance that was mentioned above makes them especially suitable for heavy-duty and heavy stressed drives or multiple pulleys that the transmission belt is looped over.

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