Depending on the type of application and processing, certain production processes of the users of our products require high-standard conveyor belts in terms of mechanical, physical or chemical properties. To this end, Forbo Siegling employs advanced production processes and combines quality materials and finishings.

The standard Siegling Transilon belt construction consists of polyester fabric as tension member which determines the weight or carrying capacity of the conveyor belt.  Depending on the different types of application, the tension member is covered with different coatings that serve to protect the tension member against wear, especially on the underside of the conveyor belt, and on the contact surface between the conveyed product and conveyor belt. Siegling Transilon conveyor belts are successfully applied in different industry sectors and commercial/service companies around the world.

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Conveyor belt structure

The standard product range consists of more than 160 different types of conveyor belts and versions for various applications. Made in Germany from superior raw materials.

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Industrial, trade and service companies around the globe rely on our services and reap the benefits of our wide-reaching international service and sales network, made up of more than 300 service points.

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